Where are the Women in the Furniture Industry?


Paula S. Fogarty: Furniture Factory Girl

Having grown up as one of a small handful of female leaders in the furniture manufacturing industry, Paula S. Fogarty is tackling the topic of the lack of female leadership in an industry that caters to a mostly female audience.  Furniture Factory Girls follow Paula’s research on this topic and encourage feedback from readers in order to asses the reasons behind the big gap between the industry’s leadership and its primary audience.

Paula Fogarty picture B&W

Paula is an industry veteran who helped turn around the product offerings, image, and marketing of what was once one of America’s finest luxury manufacturers, Kindel Furniture. As the daughter of an industry titan Robert S. Fogarty, whose early career is chronicled in Mike Dugan’s The Furniture Wars, Paula brings vast personal experience to this topic.  She is also a historian with an M.A. in Art History from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and a professional writer who has written for Metropolis Magazine, Chair Culture, Furniture World, and has served as Managing Editor of South magazine. She has owned and operated her own product development and marketing firm, Paula Scott Unlimited, since 2007.